CTS Engines hires Tom Bode as Senior Vice President of Operations

CTS Engines, a global leader in consolidated aerospace and defense industry maintenance, today announced the hiring of Tom Bode as its senior vice president of operations.

In its new role, Bode will be responsible for all engineering, quality and operations functions, and will report to Vesa Paukkeri, CTS Engines’ President and COO.

Since 2008, Bode has been the general manager of the Columbus Engine Center at Pratt & Whitney, a company that received it in 2000. Prior to 2000, Bode worked at GE Aviation as a quality and engineering leader.

“As CEC’s general manager, Tom has managed more than 700 employees on multiple engine production lines and reduced downtime from program to review by promoting the principles of Lean manufacturing,” said Paukkeri. “His performance as a manager has been recognized through several awards.

We are extremely happy with your arrival and look forward to future growth opportunities. ” “I am excited to join the CTS Engines team as senior vice president of operations,” said Bode. “CTS has done a great job establishing itself as the leading MRO of North American consolidated engines, and I am sure the company will maintain its outstanding customer service and growth trajectory.”

Based in Ft. Lauderdale, CTS Engines is a world leader in the maintenance of consolidated engines, performing revisions on the CF6-50, CF6-80A, CF6-80C and PW2000 models at its 105,000 square foot maintenance, repair and overhaul facilities. Ft. Lauderdale.

At its 155,000 lbf test stand in Jupiter, Florida, the company also performs the return of consolidated engines for service testing and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) development testing for new engine platforms.

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