About Us

De-Lune.com is an online news portal started as an honest effort to provide the users with unbiased and well-suited information on the latest and trending news. We work together to constantly update our readers with the trending bulletins in a regular pattern so the readers do not miss single information of relevance.

Based in New York, De Lune is patronized by a number of content writers, journalists and media professionals who keep the website updated round the clock so that you get the latest news.

Our newspaper is widely respected for its focus on local news and watchdog reporting, particularly on state government and politics. De Lune has won numerous state and national awards for its work in print and online, and has repeatedly been named NYC’s “Newspaper of Distinction” by the state editors association.

We are committing to provide you with the balanced and objective news on a wide range of topics including business, health and technology. All of our contributors are members of NY Society of Professional Journalists.

De Lune is owned by Lune News LLC.

Lune News LLC is a privately held media company headquartered in New York specializing in Internet publishing, newspaper publishing, software and data centers.

De Lune Team


Tony Rollin

Tony Rollin is Editor-in-chief here at De Lune, Tony has 7 years of Experiance as a Journalist. He has Contributed to Several Publications like Huffington, Next Magazine and NY Post. Tony takes care of the editing part of news pieces posted over the website to ensure everything aligns with the journalistic format.

Angela Nagata

Angela Nagata is a reporter for De Lune. After graduating from NYU with a master degree in history,Angela got an internship at WABC-TV New York and worked on profiling local businesses across the city. Angela was also a columnist for the NPR. Angela covers business here at De Lune.

Kanisha Stano

Kanisha Stano is a fitness professional with a strong experience in online journalism as well as she is a well-known fitness instructor in New York City. Her strength includes knowledge of health, yoga, meditation, and proficiency. In De Lune Kanisha covers health section.

Josh Olivares

Josh Olivares has some extraordinary web designing and coding skills. He is the man behind the development of De Lune. Josh loves Tech articles here at De Lune. Josh also published his articles in New York Post, TechCrunch and NPR.

Michael Ryan

Michael Ryan has five years of experience in journalism and business industry. His bright and bold personality allows him to fearlessly collect data and information from many sources. As a Journalist at De Lune Michael covers business topics.


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