3D Body Scanning Technology can be Helpful in Fashion Industry

We have all encountered a similar situation about clothes are going to fit us or not and we know how frustrating it is, but fashion is advancing and it is very possible that thanks to the technological involvement within the industry these situations disappear.

The brands generate their sizing and the fit of the garments based on limited and general information by using models adjusted to a standard size, making it very difficult for the consumer to find the right size according to the shape of their body. The solution to the problem would be called: 3D body scan.

It is a non-contact technology that captures the shape of the human body through a line of laser lights and a camera, the software records the contour and the exact size of the body and creates a 3D digital model of it in a matter of seconds, being processed and stored for use in different applications.

This technological introduction in the textile world would help companies in the industry to create garments with more precise adjustments, providing real measurements of customers of different shapes and sizes, also benefiting digital customers by allowing them to try on their clothes in order to find what they need best. I will stay.

This new technology and the result of its application, more adjusted sizes and virtual tester, will help e-commerce to reduce the rates of return of orders online. In addition, 3D body measurement data generated by the consumer could help brands and retailers optimize the composition and size of inventory and avoid excess sales.

3D-a-Porter is a company based in the United Kingdom that offers a set of 3D scanning applications that includes the body, virtual 3D test and 3D magic mirrors. The company has helped high-end fashion brands gather information on the sizing that is specific to their products.

In Australia the same technology has developed the startup mPort, while Styku offers an offer to retailers to collect their own data, capturing millions of points of the human body in a matter of seconds.

Other examples of companies that have already started to include 3D Bold Metrics, Fabletics, Virtusize ShapeScale or Naked technology. The problem of the sizes can be very close to reaching its end and although you do not believe it will be thanks to 3D technology.

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